Ipoh International Waiters Race 2014

PUTRAJAYA, 25th May 2014 – Ipoh International Waiters Race took place on Sunday 25 May 2014. It was a fun filled event with a lot of activities for the participants. The race was divided into two categories – Classic Tray and Sportive Tray. The concept is very simple where the waiters have to race to the finishing point without spilling any contents. It was a great success for Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside as one of our two participants – Mohd Haniff – won the 1st price of the Sportive Tray category and received the generous prize of RM 1.000. “I’m proud to represent our property and to show the particular skills of the waiter profession. This race is important for us to be recognized for what we love to do everyday” commented Haniff.

Fun activities such as ice carving, roti cannai flying, live band performances and fire show were held after the prize-giving ceremony.

Waiter Race

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